Poncho-Style Bathrobe Blanket
Poncho-Style Bathrobe Blanket
Poncho-Style Bathrobe Blanket
Poncho-Style Bathrobe Blanket

Poncho-Style Bathrobe Blanket

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First things first. What do bathrobes have to do with emergency preparedness? 

Most emergency bags include a blanket that someone can wear and sleep in - especially if you're evacuating your home or going to an emergency shelter. For many special needs people, especially those that need to move around and exert energy, a regular blanket is more likely to fall off their shoulders and get lost. Our Wearable Bathrobe Blanket goes over your head to ensure it stays in place.

Our Poncho-Style Bathrobe is one part bathrobe and one part blanket. It's ideal for someone who is in a wheelchair, is on bed rest or is bedridden.  

The back of the robe is uncovered and there are no armholes in case the wearer uses an IV, feeding tube, catheter and other medical devices. The bottom can be easily lifted to change adult diapers and menstrual products while still keeping the wearer warm. 

The front has two pockets for storage. Perfect for keeping your ID close by and items that bring comfort to the wearer.

The material is a plush polyester which washes easily by hand or machine in cold water. To ensure longevity we recommend hanging it to dry.

Our unisex design is one size fits all - 212cm/83.46'' in lengh x 123cm/48.42'' width

If you wear this warm and cozy robe for more than emergency purposes we don't blame you. It's that comfortable! 

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