Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

What is Special Needs Emergency Preparedness (SNEP)?
Special Needs Emergency Preparedness, or SNEP for short, is focused on providing tools and educational content for caregivers, families, and people with special needs, cognitive and physical disabilities, and senior citizens on what to do in case of an emergency. You can find out more by visiting our About Us page.

Where is SNEP located?
Most of our team is located in British Columbia, Canada. Our website serves the United States and Canada but anyone in the world can benefit from the information we have on our site. 

I have a topic for you to discuss.
Bring it on! We're always happy to listen and learn from other people. Not every question or topic that comes our way will be made into an article or video but they will all be taken into consideration.

Where do you ship to?
We ship to the United States and Canada.

If you're based in Canada, why do you sell products in United States Dollar (USD) currency?
USD is the standard currency that our payment provider uses to process customer orders and the one that our product suppliers use as well. Since everyone in our business uses USD currency, it made sense when launching SNEP to sell in USD as well.

I'm in Canada using a Canadian credit card to order from your website. How does the price convert from USD to CAD?
Our payment provider accepts USD and CAD currency. When you go through the checkout, you'll see the total cost of your order listed in USD. When you place your order, your credit card provider will convert the price from USD to CAD and charge your credit card the CAD price which will appear on your credit card statement.

Why does it take longer to ship to Canada if you're a Canadian company?
Even though we're based in Canada, we don't hold physical products at our location. Instead we have suppliers from around the world that make and ship products. In most cases, it's faster for our suppliers to ship to the United States than it is to Canada. However, we do our best to choose the fastest shipping method available when sending customer orders.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?
All of our product pages have an estimate of how long each product takes to be delivered to the United States and Canada. Delivery times varies depending on the supplier.

I only received part of my order/Where is the rest of my order?
Delivery times vary depending on the supplier. Since our products come from different places, each supplier will send your products individually.

If you still haven't received your order past the expected delivery date, please reach us at or on our contact page.

What's your return/refund policy?
We have a 15-day refund policy starting from when you first receive your order. If you need to cancel your order before receiving it let us know right away, preferably before your order is shipped.

Still have questions?
You can reach us by email at, on our contact page. We are also available on social media and answer inquiries within 24-48 hours.