Bathrobes, Blankets, and Sleepwear

First things first. What do bathrobes have to do with emergency preparedness? 

Most emergency bags include a blanket that you can wear and sleep in - especially if you're evacuating your home or going to an emergency shelter. For many special needs people, especially those that need to move around and exert energy, a regular blanket is more likely to fall off their shoulders and get lost. For someone in a wheelchair, blankets can fall off as you're moving around and go underneath the wheels.

Our bathrobes cover the wearers legs like a blanket and stay on like a jacket.

The Poncho-Style bathrobe is ideal for tilt and recliner style wheelchair users that require assistance since the poncho can go over the head without having to carry the individual in and out of the chair.

We recommend ordering one size larger for extra comfort and in case the user is wearing thicker clothing underneath.